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And just what scares you?
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Christopher Walken

And now, this page was created by our very own, Jake, who has a "thingy" for the ever spooky, Christopher Walken. When you ask her what scares her, she retorts without hesitation - CHRISTOPHER WALKEN! I agree, especially after I saw him for his relatively small part in the movie, True Romance. You must see that movie, Chris is terrifyingly super! Anyway, I'm going to turn it over to Jake here, she does this so much better than me!

It is a known fact that every cool Halloween site is not complete without a resident monster..... So, without further ado, we present to you...... Christopher Walken (enter creepy music here)!

Chris Walken

Walken has become very recognized, with his portrayal of maniacs, oddballs, and mostly villainous characters. He is often referred to as laconic, haunting, colloquial, creepy, etc. Many in the comedy industry, have included impersonations of our monster in their repertoire. It is widely known in the industry, if one is highly successful in pulling off a Walken, the actor/comedienne has "IT". With his pragmatic attitude, and scary presence, Walken is no doubt a cult icon, and has starred in about 70 movies to date. A versatile, and highly skilled performer, our monster has alternated comfortably between lead and supporting roles, in a variety of genres. In nearly every role, there is a quality of eccentricty that colors his performance, making him perfectly cast for villains and larger-than-life figures. Our monster first demonstrated a flair for comedy in the small, but indelible role as Dianne Keaton's possibly psychotic brother in Woody Allen's "Annie Hall". For his brilliant depiction, and perhaps most noted role of the self-disintegration of a war ravaged Vietnam soldier obsessed with playing Russian roulette in "The Deer Hunter", he recieved a 1978 Best Supporting Actor Academy Award. Walken has hosted Saturday Night Live 5 times, one of which won him a Comedy Award in 2000. He tap-danced his way to an MTV Award in Fatboy Slim's video "Weapon of Choice". Interestingly, he had earned an Emmy nomination in a non-menacing role as a farmer, in "Sarah Plain and Tall". Thanks to our monster's talent and uniqueness, "....that if you are looking for a Chris Walken type....You have got to get Chris Walken. There are not many people that can mess with me...I have a place....I own it...This means that I can work... and work for a long time...."

Chris Walken


Worked briefly as a lion tamer at age 15, has a phobia of being in speeding cars, and was with Natalie Wood and husband Robert Waggoner aboard Waggoner's yaght the night Wood drowned.

Chris Walken

Georgianne Thon played his girlfriend IN "WEST SIDE STORY". THEY LATER MARRIED IN 1969

Was mugged at a Venice airport

Had his nose broken by two thugs in NYC after he told them to turn down their loud music

Chris Walken

When Rosie O'Donnell mentioned that she thought he was one of the scariest people alive, he went on her show, brought her flowers and a box of chocolates, and they sang "Getting to Know You".

Real Name: Ronald Walken Birthplace: Astoria, Queens, N.Y Birthdate: 3/31/43 Education: Professional Children's School, New York, N.Y., Hofsta University, Hempstead, N.Y. (dropped out), the Actor's Studio, New York, N.Y.

Relationships: Georgianne Walken, Casting Director (married 1968)

Chris Walken

Christopher Walken Quotations
"As a matter of fact, until I was 20, I never had any interest in doing anything in particular." (Interview magazine)

"When actors have that flow, and that rythym, and that give - and - take, they feel each other like a dancer". (Entertainment Weekly)

"At any age, to be nominated for a dance video, I mean come on...It's great! (Entertainment Weekly)

"Elvis was a big influence. He appeared in my formative, very impressionable years. He was so sexy, you know, he was really one of a kind. (The Washington Post)

Chris Walken

"Six feet, one sixty five, a lot of hair that I am told is out of control. There's a theory that my hair grows out of my brain." (Walken's description of himself)

Chris Walken

I know that Jake is going to kill me for doing this but I just have to! She sent me this card and wrote this poem for me for my birthday. I don't have to tell you guys what it means to me! She is so sweet and I love her to death! She's my buddy. Thank you, Jake! I'm sending big hugs and kisses to you! You are such a super friend! Luv ya, Janet

Jake's Poem

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