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Ghost Pictures
Ghost Pictures - Updated January 20, 2007
Official HU Donor
Our Doreen is an Official Halloween's Unseen Donor, having donated to our ghostly cause three times ...... uh, correction, 6 times! Dear, sweet, Doreen! And she also has without a doubt one of the spookiest pages here at Halloween's Unseen! Thank you so much for both the money and the ghosts, honey! Love ya, Janet

Our new friend, Doreen, has sent us some pictures from the Myrtles Plantation in Louisiana. I have just been dying to go there. Here's the official legend of the Myrtles as written up in an article by Gary Scheets.

Plantation Haunting Described By Many
By Gary Scheets

ST. FRANCISVILLE -- The 205-year-old Myrtles Plantation is said to host the spirits of several long-dead former inhabitants. Over the years, those spirits have been heard and seen around the grounds of the plantation. No one really knows why there have been so many reported happenings at the plantation. The house does sit on an ancient Tunica Indian burial ground. And there have been at least 10 homicides and suicides on the property since it was settled in 1796. Plantation owners John and Teeta Moss take advantage of the homes’ spiritual past by offering a “Mystery Tour” on Friday and Saturday nights. The tour highlights some of the stories and pinpoints the history of some of the happenings over the years. Teeta Moss said that while they certainly play up the house’s supposed spiritual residents, they discourage spirit worshipers and occult or Satanist practitioners from descending upon the house. No Ouija boards, burning candles or seances are allowed at the house. “We don’t allow any occult stuff at all,” Moss said. “It’s simply entertaining. We’re not going to deny what people have seen and heard, but we want happy spirits.” Shortly after buying and moving into the home, Moss had her own encounter with one of the disembodied sprits roaming the grounds. When they first moved into the house, her son was lying in bed one night and told her he saw a young girl on the chandelier. Moss said her son was adamant he was seeing a young girl above him. The young boy said the apparition wore a white dress and had yellow or blonde hair. As she talked to her son, Moss thought it might have been the imagination of a two-year-old running wild. But she later talked to a psychologist friend who told her that while children at that age can describe things they see, they cannot conjure images and describe them. In another instance, at 10 months old, Moss’ son was sleeping in a King-sized bed in an upstairs bedroom. She was taking care of some work on the computer. As she worked, a nagging feeling to check on her son came over her. As she was walking back to the house, she spotted the young boy toddling toward a pond in the back yard. He had descended the stairs and made it outside without any assistance. As she screamed to the boy, Moss felt the feeling of a warm blanket being wrapped around her. “It told me that we would be alright,” Moss said. “As long as we were in this house, nothing would happen to my family.”

The most famous are the supposed spirits of a former house servant and the wife and children of Judge Clark Woodruffe, who owned the plantation before he was murdered. Legend has it that Judge Woodruffe took up with Chloe, who gave in to the Judge’s advances to keep her position in the house rather than working out in the fields. The judge soon tired of Chloe and began an affair with another young slave. Fearing she would be sent to the fields, Chloe began listening through doors and walls to the judge’s conversations. She was caught one day and endured the punishment of having an ear severed. She began wearing a turban to hide the wound inflicted by the judge. Certain she would be sent from the house after being thrown over by her master and being caught eavesdropping on his conversations, Chloe concocted a plan she thought would be sure to get her back in the good graces of the family. In a birthday cake made for the Woodruffe’s oldest daughter, Chloe added a small amount of poison from an oleander plant, which still grows by the side of the house. The plan was to sicken the daughters and their mother to the point she could nurse them back to health and appear to be the hero. The plan backfired. The three Woodruffe women succumbed to the poison and died. When word spread amongst the slaves of what Chloe had done, a lynch mob formed and she was hung from a tree. Chloe’s body was weighted with rocks and dropped in the nearby Mississippi River. While some hold to the theory that Chloe was trying to get back in the good graces of the family and did not mean to poison Mrs. Woodruffe or the children, still others believe she intentionally poisoned the family out of revenge for the loss of her ear. Had the judge been there that day, she would have killed him too, this belief goes.

Moss said she is offering the house for sale. But, she stressed, the house, which is listed on the National Register of Historic Places, and the grounds would have to go to that right person before they would consider handing over the keys. There have been inquiries, but nothing solid as of yet. They are selling because Moss wants to spend more time with her two sons, now ages seven and nine. The house itself is a stunning example of a grand old southern mansion. There is a 120-foot long veranda with ornamental ironwork. The entrance hall contains examples of art faux bois and open pierced frieze work. There is a Baccarat crystal French chandelier, weighing more than 300 pounds. The stained glass on the entranceway was hand-painted, etched and patterned after the French Cross, to ward off evil.

Hester Eby, curator and tour guide for the plantation for 14 years, said she has had two distinct interactions with what may be the spirit of two of the children murdered by Chloe. Eby was standing behind a couch explaining parts of a room in the house when she felt a tug on her skirt. At first, Eby dismissed it as maybe getting her skirt caught on a piece of furniture or the edge of a windowsill. But she could not ignore a second occurrence. “The second time was lower on the hip,” she said. “It felt like a child tugging on the skirt trying to get my attention.” Sometimes images of the children show up in a hallway mirror. People often hear their names called from different rooms only to find they are alone in the house. Visitors and guests often photograph Mryt, the house cat. The 14-year-old black cat poses dutifully, but sometimes does not appear in the pictures. The surroundings will be there, or the person petting the cat will appear in the photo but the cat won’t. There will only be a puff of smoke of a blank space. No one can seem to explain it. That’s not the only trick of the light that happens to would be shutterbugs who visit the plantation. When she first bought the plantation, Teeta Moss took several pictures at various points around the grounds. In those is a photograph of the rear of the house looking at the kitchen building. There was no one in the shots when Moss took the photos. But when they were developed, tucked into a corner near the kitchen building the image of a woman can be seen faintly. It appears to the an African-American woman wearing a turban. The Moss’ have turned the photograph into a postcard that is available in the plantation gift shop. Butressing the history of the house, others have had similar experiences during their attempts to take photographs at the plantation. Donna Albey of Ormand Beach, Fla., was on her second visit to the plantation on July 14. Last year she took a picture of the rear of the house. When she had them developed, the picture shows a figure with an orange kerchief on its head. “There wasn’t anyone there when I took the picture,” Albey said. “I can show the picture to other people and they’ll say who is that standing there?”

And there you have it! And now here's Doreen's story and pictures.

Doreen writes:
Hi, my name is Doreen. My mother and boyfriend stayed a night at the Myrtles Plantation, in Louisiana. When dark came, and everyone, (which they thought) was out of the mansion, my mom and her boyfriend started to take pictures, just to bring home to me and show me where they stayed. Well, after getting the film developed, we found a few pictures with possible spirits. Here is one of the photos. There are two very viewable spirits in this one. And a third spirit that is harder to see. Let us know what you think. Thank you, Doreen

Thank you so much, Doreen, for those pictures. I love how Doreen speaks of 3 ghosts and that's exactly how many ghosts are in the legends. A very clear validation if you ask me! Do you see the spirit girls? I do!

UPDATE - October 28, 2002. Doreen has sent us a clearer picture of the Myrtles ghosts shown below. In the upper left side she writes "Looks like a little boy face? Very good detail if you can see it." In the lower left she indicates that these are just the flowers. On the lower right she says, "Baby??? See the eyes?" In her email she says, "I just sent an email with the picture as I see it. If you can blow it up, I wrote on the picture exactly what I saw. On the picture you sent me, the picture of the one you think is a little kid, is actually some flowers, but there definitely is a child, in the arms of the woman. I circled that also. I keep seeing more and more faces in this pic. It is a great pic, if I must say so myself. :) But up in the left top side is definitely a boy's face, if you can see it. He has hair, and you see clearly eyes, nose and whole face shape. Email me back and let me know what you think. Thank you,

I don't know about you, Doreen, but I see what looks to be the likeness of a slave girl in the area that you circled on the upper right side. I also see the woman holding the baby very clearly. I think there are many, many things going on in this picture and there's probably a lot of history there! Thank you for sending it to us!

Update January 15, 2003

Doreen has sent us more pictures and a very touching story about her Dad. Firstly, these pictures are really creepy, especially the first 2! Oh my gawd, what is that, or should I say, who is that in the cellar? The cellar pics give me the heebie jeebies! I wonder who that guy is. He looks so mischievous! And the rest of the pictures, well, you will see. Doreen has also told us a little bit about each pic, so on we go!

I took this picture at a friend's (Lisa) uncle's house. She told me stories of ghost happenings there, so I had to check it out. And low and behold, I got proof. This photo was taken in the basement, freaky basement at that.

Cut out of hiding
This is just a cut out of the hiding ghost.

Odd mist with faces
This photo was taken the night of the lunar eclipse, 11-19-02. I was at the Palmer House, again, with my brother Brian, and his girlfriend, Keri, and Keri said she had a funny feeling, so I took pic, and then I saw this. We were definately NOT smoking, and the thing that gets me, is the faces in the mist. OOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! creepy!!!!!!

Lots of orbs
At the Palmer House, when we first arrived, I snapped this photo. I know that any paranormal investigator would look at any other possibilities on what else this could be, but these are the real deal. It was not raining, and other photos were taken, and nothing like this showed up. This is taken right by the door in the ground leading to the cellar. I think it is just GREAT!!! Oh, and by the way, I was very scared just being outside this place.

Orb at the Palmer House
This photo was taken at the Palmer House in Crystal Lake, Illinois. This is one of the most haunted places in Illinois. It is a old home that used to be a orphanage. It is said that the owner would beat and kill. Stories tell that if you put your ear to the door to the cellar, one would hear banging from the owner. We went, and of course, put our ear to the door, and nothing. But we did get a few great pics.

Keri listening to door leading to cellar
This is my brother Brian's wonderful girlfriend, Keri. Unfortunately, we didn't get any ghostly sounds or pounding. Maybe it was a bad nite. This place is on my street about 1 minute down the road, so you can bet your behind we will be there a lot looking for paranormal activity.

Orb with blue color
This photo was also taken in Crystal Lake. This place is great! I don't think I myself have had an orb look this good. I am impressed.

Not to sure what this is, but this photo was also taken at a popular ghost site in Crystal Lake, Il. I went to this place late at night with my brother and his girlfriend. We had some very bad vibes at this place.

Close up of blue stuff
This is a close up of blue stuff. I am not sure what it is, but it is a neat picture. I am sure it could be something to do with the film, but kinda looks like each blue streak could be a leg, like someone is sitting next to other person.

Doreen, thank you so much. I believe that you've truly captured spiritual energy in your photos. Please, keep taking pictures! We just love the thrills and chills!!!

And now, Doreen's story about her Dad. It is so heartwarming. I do believe he went to the Other Side and found love and peace as we will someday too!

Doreen writes
The story about my dad is neat because my dad was comatose, or however you spell it, but his eyes were wide open, he didn't blink once the whole 5 hours I was there with him. And when they called me at work, they said they didn't expect him to live past 4:00pm. I got there about 11am or so. I read to him the bible telling him to ask for forgiveness, and so he can go to heaven to see my grandma, his mom, and his brothers and sister. He would move his head towards me once in a while, I guess to let me know he was there, and when I held his hand, he would squeeze lightly once in a while. Then at about 5 minutes to 4, his social worker came in to say good bye, she was leaving for the day. She rubbed his head and said "Mr. Hensley, it has been a pleasure working with you. You can leave now, you don't have to hold on anymore, it is ok to let go. And as she walked over to my mom to give her hug and say goodbye, I was still holding my dad's hand, and my dad sat straight up, gave the biggest smile, with no teeth, only the two k9 teeth at bottom :), and just smiled, and we all froze, thinking if he was out of it. Then he gently laid back down. His smile still there, but fading. I watched his breathing go from his stomach to his chest, from his chest to his adams apple, from his adams apple to........ nothing..... He was gone. And we were all quiet. As sad as we should have been, we were all very happy. We have never been into the whole religion thing, but since he believed his mom went to heaven, we wanted him to believe he would be with her. My dad led a very rough life. He wasn't in my or my brother's life our whole life. Then I heard he was dying of AIDS. A heroin addict. So that is why we told him he needed to ask for forgivness. My mom left him when we were little because of drugs and he beat her. But, we have a feeling that when he sat up like that, it was a sign. A sign that either he was letting us know my grandma greeted him, or that he did get into heaven and he was ok, or something like that. Could be just a chemical that was being released in his body as he passed, but we like to believe he was telling us something. And as much as people think I should be sad my dad is gone, he is better off. He was suffering all kinds. He was 6ft 4inches, but because of being so sick, only weighed 74 lbs, so if you can imagine how terribly skinny he was, pure skeleton. He couldn't eat, couldn't go to bathroom, could hardly talk. Well, anyway, I am sure you get my point. But that was something I will never forget, and I really think I witnessed something special. He told me a few days before he died that he would visit me and talk to me. He wasn't afraid to talk about it, he knew he was dying. Well, I am just rambling on. So, it is up to you, but there ya go. Thank you again for your time.


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