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Celebrity Morgue
Celebrity Morgue - September 27, 2004

Sharon Tate


Okay guys, the layout you will peruse below has been over a year in the making. My friend, Mark, who maintains a very informative web site about our guest monster (I can't bring myself to type his name here) for this layout, has not forgotten me and has forwarded along to me some information about some fake pictures that have been floating around the internet regarding the Sharon Tate crime scene. I, being very naive and gullible, believed that the following photo was the real deal and made a pretty clear ass of myself touting it right here on my web site. Yeppers, look at me **pointing at self**, I'm stoopid! Anyway, Mark has cleared things up for me and shared his knowledge with all of us of these shady events. It is beyond me why people find it necessary to tamper with photos. It is not for me to figure out, thank God, but, please, now, go on and start reading. I've left Mark's emails pretty much intact, he does such a great job of explaining everything. If anything is screwed up, I DID IT! Luvs, Janet

Mark writes:
I know this has been a looooong time but I ran across the photo and remembered that you asked for it last year. In case you've forgotten, it concerns the fake photo that was supposedly taken in Sharon Tate's living room the morning before the murders.

Tate Fake Photo

The photo with Roman (this is not Roman!) is the real photo as it appeared in Life magazine in 1969 (right after the murders). The other is a very clever fake. If you compare carefully, you'll see they are the same image but with great manipulations (someone even created fake camera lens glares, which is done easily with PhotoShop).

You'll notice the hallway closet is slightly open in both images. If you compare other items, you'll see they are all aligned exactly the same. Perhaps the best thing to examine are the two chairs right beside the hallway entrance. There's a rocking chair that is in front of another chair. Note how all of the pieces of vertical wood slats line up exactly the same in both photos.

I've also attached a small blurred crime scene photo. I have a better copy but thought you might not want to see it without warning. The larger version of this photo is probably where the couch cushions, flag, chair cushion were copied from to create the fake.


As I recall, when the fake first surfaced, I found a better shot of the real zebra rug. The pattern of black and white lines were different. If I can find that photo, I'll send it along, too.

Take care,

Sure, go ahead and use the photos. I scanned the Roman photo from Life, myself, as I recall. It was the issue right after the murders.

If you look at the crime scene photo, I think the jacket is in that photo. That also leads to a little goof in the fake photo. Notice in the crime scene pic, the chair's cushion is right where it should be. In the fake photo, it's not fully in the right spot. I assume police lifted all of the cushions to check for evidence. We do know they found Susan's knife lodged behind one of the chair cushions. I've attached a different post-crime photo of the living room.

Just like in the Roman shot, you can see police had removed all of the cushions. So, the slightly out-of-place cushion matches the post-police search. It does not match the photo with the bodies still in position (which would have been before police searched the cushions).

For what it's worth, the couch photo was taken at the same time as the Roman photo. I don't know how much you follow the case, but when Roman returned to the house, he took a psychic with him (at the suggestion of friends). The photographer initially took a polaroid of the room to see how the lighting was. It normally would've been disposed of but the psychic asked if he could have it. I think he said he'd use it to get psychic readings. Well, shortly afterwards the psychic sold the photo to some magazine or tabloid. He just scammed the photographer to make a quick buck. The photo also appeared in "The Killing of Sharon Tate" (which is where I got it from). So, in a way, it ended up making money for Susan Atkins' defense (since half of that book was an interview with her). I'm pretty sure she got paid for that.

Feel free to use the photos. I can provide a higher resolution version of the Roman photo, if you need it. I scaled that one down so it would e-mail faster. The other is a great fake. I suspect the faker put it out at such a small size to help disguise the patching.

As I recall, there's another photo that shows the table flipped up on its side in front of the fireplace. It looks a lot shorter than the one shown in the fake picture. If I can find it, I'll send it along, too.

I'll have to go back through your site and look around some more. It's been a while since I was on it. Was yours the one that had something about the Folger/Frykowski house being owned by Dan Ackroyd (and was the inspiration for "Ghost Busters")? If so, someone just e-mailed me and said he sold it to Renee Zeilweiger (I'm sure I got the spelling on that one wrong). For some reason, she never moved in and has re-sold it (or is attempting to).

I guess that's about it for now!

Take care,

Thank you so much, Mark, you have been so generous. I wouldn't have this web site without people like you. Oh, and let me add here, the very first photo on this page of the very pregnant Sharon Tate with the license plate saying "PYG" is a fake photo also. And, yes, I'm the fool, I fell for this one too - so shoot me! Love y'all, Janet


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