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Ghost Pictures - October 11, 2006

Native American Ghost, Cherokee, NC

Hello spookies, it's the season and what I have here is what my ghost tracker said was the "one picture he's been waiting for!" Yes, I have a very happy ghost tracker and a photo that is just about the best I've seen in a long, long time. I'm so proud that our new Halloween's Unseen friends, Ken and Marisa, have entrusted me and my ghost tracker with this one of a kind photo. Now, as it happens, purely by accident, Ken and Marisa have captured this Native American spirit. Ghosts do have a habit of appearing when you least expect them and this one will be front and center for this Halloween season! So, I'll go away and let Ken explain the origins of the photo and then I'll bring Adam, my dear, dear ghost tracker, in so that he can further gush on this fab photo! Luv you guys and Happy Halloween! Janet

Ken writes:
We just returned from Cherokee, NC and downloaded this picture from my KodakEasyshare DX6340 with what appears to be a ghost of a woman looking out of the door. Notice the smoky affect around the picture. This was the only picture with this appearance. This picture was taken at 11:00 am at a store on the Indian reservation. Regards, Ken & Marisa

And upon further questioning by me, Ken further writes:
Hi Janet. Thanks for the response on our unusual picture. The lady on the porch was my wife. We were in Cherokee, NC for a Harley rally and I snapped that picture on the spur of the moment and as you can see the rest is rather interesting. Please let us know any information or feedback from your friend the ghost whisperer. Regards, Ken & Marisa

Oh my gawd!!!!!! I no longer have a ghost tracker! It's official, I now have my very own ghost whisperer! Thanks Ken!

And here's the photo!

Native American Ghost, Cherokee, NC

Oh how I love that photo! Here's what our ghost whisperer (hee!) writes:

OMG Janet - this one's perfect - too good to be photo shopped really cause the reflections of the parking lot behind them is intact with no distortion and the lighting is superb. Ghost looks like that of a native woman dressed in 30's type fashion. The way the bars on the glass obstruct the apparition while the glass allows the transparency and the bright sun behind masks the transparency. I wouldn't jump the gun and try to discredit this one too quick. We have a winner! Thanks for that awesome pic Janet. Adam :-D

Adam's second email (more in depth):

Native American Ghost, Cherokee, NC

The strange things about this picture:

The dream catcher (circled in cyan seems to be black - I don't know if it means anything but I have not seen them look like they are glowing black).

Okay, that's maybe not that strange.

The Native appearing "Face" which earlier I thought could be a woman but it could be a man. I think woman cause I followed the body shape in Magenta and it's very curvy - maybe wrapped in a blanket?

If you notice too, above the face circled in yellow is the strange distortion of the chalkboard - doesn't seem too out of the ordinary though and couldn't be used as evidence of a cut and paste or imposition.

The green lines all indicate reflections of cars in the parking lot - except the motorcycle, which last I checked is not a car. =)

The other cyan lines indicate the building reflecting in the background on the glass door.

In my conclusion, I would say that this picture is really too complex to have been retouched. If it was, it would be a long time in the works, but the date stamp on it is of Sept 9th and there's from the time it made it to me no real way of being doctored in such a short time. And the internal file date of the image corresponds with that date too by the way. So, based on what I have seen, this one is the real deal.

Oh, I don't know if you noticed that there is in fact what appears to be a human in the background. You can see a woman's leg wearing a sandal or strappie shoe in between the woman in white leather's knees and an open door behind the woman in white, which you cannot say could be a reflection of the woman behind her bouncing around cause the ghost face is looking straight on at the camera.

What a truly wonderful pic. I have been waiting so long for a pic like that. :-) Adam :-D

And the rest is history! Thank you so much Ken and Marisa for making this Halloween Season 2006 so special! Now remember, you promised to go research your Native American ghost, we will be waiting right here at Halloween's Unseen! Luv ya, Janet


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