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Freaks - Updated - September 29, 2005

UPDATE - A public plea! We need more Freaks! Taking all Freaks here! More Freaks, please!

And just in time for the Halloween season, we have a new addition called "Freaks." Now this page is a little different from our accustomed Halloween fare. This is a "fun" page with a warning - the content of this page is very graphic and will be very explicit and could upset some of you more gentle souls. So look at your own risk! I warn that nothing will be put up on this page if it is too tame! I am also looking for any of you to donate something for our fun. Remember gross can be cool too! I hope you like it and Happy Halloween! Janet

The next time you think you might drive drunk, well, you had better think again!

Corpse springs to life in hearse, terrifies populace!

Yeppers! When I die, I positively, absolutely want this on my tombstone! Ain't it the truth?!

Wanted - Reward! Gosh, you mean they haven't found these guys yet? I guess that witch really got them, you think?

And for all you KISS fans! Wouldn't you just love to lie down with the Demon/Gene Simmons. I know my niece would!

My home. Well, so, it is my kind of place you know! I SO wish I could live in a house like this!

What a way to go! When I die, I want to ride in an Airstream!

I finally got my pictures back from Halloween! Ain't I pretty? Cackle, cackle!

Like Scott from Findadeath said, "this just didn't need to happen!"

Here's the scariest, killerest clown of them all! Meet Pogo, also known as John Wayne Gacy. Rest in peace, dip shit!

Houston floods.

Look at this tombstone. It looks like just any regular tombstone, right?

Wrong! This guy's got a 'tude on!

Don't you just love Harv? I think he was my kind of guy!

presto jackochango!

These pictures that were taken on September 11, 2001 of the World Trade Center are truly amazing. I believe we all saw the terrible face of evil that day.

But the good ol' USA will prevail! That's the spirit!

Look where I live! The Harris County Medical Examiner came for a visit. It was domestic violence at its very worse. We had shades of OJ - the husband slit his wife's throat and almost took her head off. All of this in front of their 3 year old. This all happened before 6:00 a.m. in the morning!

This is when they were removing her body. And guess what? I got to see the murderer up close and personal! He was covered in blood. His jeans were soaked through like he had kneeled down beside her. He was hiding when the police flushed him out. He is in deep shit now! This is something he can't fix! He'll probably be like OJ, he'll get out and go golfing! Geeeeeez! I bring this up because I just want someone to know that this happened to her. I don't even know her but somehow it just seems important to put it here! And it's here.

'Nuff said.

Yet again.

Our favorite Branch Davidian, David Koresh. Okay, I heard that! Ewwwwwwwwwwwwww!

Five Finger Discount

Creeeeeeeeeeeeepy! How would you like to roll over in your bed in the middle of a dark stormy night and see this hand COMING AT YOU??!! It gives me shivers!

The Queen Digs In


Booger Eatin' Jen

boogage -- again? Jennifer Lopez eating a booger? Oh, gross!


Looks to die for!

The REAL Titanic.

Daddy's girl. This is the skull of Andrew Borden after Lizzie paid him a daughterly visit.

And Lizzie - caught in the act!

Wouldn't you just love to do this for a living? I would. I'm serious!

Ah, yes. Way cool!

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