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Celebrity Morgue
Celebrity Morgue - Update February 8, 2005

Honor Roll

WARNING!!! Before you proceed any further, the images on this page depict several well known and famous people in death. These are very graphic and are not for the weak or squeamish! Look at your own risk! Also, these pictures do not belong to me so I may have to take any one of them down suddenly if anyone complains so look while you can! I have left the owner's logo on the ones that had logos to try to avoid some trouble! Anyway, have a terrifying time! Happy Halloween! Janet

Super freak - in death - Rick James - super freaky - yow. Thanks Scottie!

Dear Elvis - even beautiful in death!

My absolute favorite - Edgar Allan Poe!

Rudolph Valentino

Tiny Tim - Legend has it that he was performing on stage and began to not feel so good. Well, you know the rest!

Our favorite outlaw - Jesse James. I don't know if this is true or not but I read that his own cohorts shot him to collect the bounty money. Who needs friends - right?!

Yeeeeaaaaaaaaaaa! Ted Bundy - burn!


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