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Ghost Pictures
Ghost Pictures - September 27, 2004

Okay, guys, hold on to yourselves. This next ghostly picture and paranormal event experienced by our new friend, Susan, is one of the best paranormal pictures that I have ever seen. Susan had quite a ghastly experience with this particular entity and THE GHOST TRACKER gave her a very stern warning to NOT GO BACK THERE! I am most pleased to say that Susan has been so kind and generous to share her experience with us! AND she has agreed to never go back to that cemetery again - day or night! So now, lock all your windows, bolt all your doors. . . .

Susan writes:
We went to Waverly Hall Cemetery and had been there one other time and got a few orb shots. Well this night we took pictures and I said "This is the last picture I am going to take and then we are going to leave you all alone, so anyone that wants in this pic needs to get in it now, I counted 1, 2, 3 flash and took the picture. I didn't feel well right after the picture was taken and my daughter was wanting to walk around and see if we could get a recording and I told her we needed to go as I was feeling sick. My mouth was watering like I was going to throw up and my stomach began getting the heaves and my legs felt weak. I thought maybe I was just getting too warm (we live in Georgia) so we left. It took me about a week to get the pictures developed and when I got them back I was looking for orbs etc....and passed this picture up and decided to go through the pics again. Well when I did this face just jumped out at me!!!! I missed it the first time looking for orbs. My daughter then reminded me that after this pic is when I got sick. This has really spooked me! I don't know what this is or even if it's real. I seen nothing when I took this picture. Of course it was dark and that's why my kids are so blurry because I had nothing to focus my camera on, I just hoped at the time it was focused. I would appreciate it if you would take a look at it and let me know something. Also I am including a scan of the negative, maybe you can enlarge it and see something in it! Let me know what you think and I appreciate your time!!!

At Susan's request, I sent the pictures to THE GHOST TRACKER for analysis. The findings are not surprising but THE GHOST TRACKER issued Susan a very stern warning!

Well, I received the pictures and I just hope that Ms. Smith is sitting down when you send them back to her with what I found. In the first two, there is clearly a face on the tombstone behind her kids. I made a black and white copy of it and it is still there. This proves that it wasn't lighting effects. In the next one, night tombstone2, in the red outline, there is an ectoplasmic mist coming out from behind the tombstones and if you look very close in the white outline there are two faces. I have them marked 1 and 2.

This is a copy of the day tombstone. On the left side of the picture where I have outlined it you will notice how the picture looks faded but it is not, this is another sign of ecto mist in the graveyard and in the other outline in the trees there is another face.

OK, the negative, you will have to blow up on your computer like I did on mine to be able to see what I have outlined. I almost didn't see it until I turned away from my laptop for a moment to find out what my colleague was harping about - damn traffic. It is a profile that looks almost skull like in appearance but it is not a skull, rather a side profile of a face. Please, with all heeds and warnings, tell Ms. Smith not to go back to that cemetery without someone who is qualified in this matter. The reason that she got sick is because the face in the tombstone, the trees, the negative and in the top left corner of the night tombstone, these faces belong to a poltergeist and they did not want her there taking pictures. They are very territorial. Next time she tries that, something far worse than getting sick might happen. This is just a warning. Trust me, I have had my own nasty experiences with poltergeists, they are not the type of spirits to be toying with. Until the next time.

And finally, Susan writes after she received THE GHOST TRACKER's warning.

Well I can honestly say that the info that you sent me is not surprising! Just confirms what I already felt. When I went back to get the daytime photos I was VERY uneasy walking into the cemetery, and this was during the day! And then we went back again that night and a friend of mine saw something walk from one tombstone to another, she said it was a black something or another! I had just told my mom last night that I did not think that I would be going back to that particular cemetery ever again!

And thanks, Susan, for the pictures and experiences! Doing any more investigations, huh?

Update October 26, 2002! Susan has sent us another excellent photo. This is really a good picture and a perfect example of spirit energy - an Orb! Look, it seems to be following Susan's friend, David, and it struck me that it is just about David's height - the height of a grown man! Considering that the legend is about a man, I have included The Ghost Tracker's findings under the picture. He said that, yes, there was a "figure" standing behind David! Oh my Gawd, we're talking the ghost of an axe murderer here! He probably just wants some company, David! Here's Susan's story along with the pic:

Susan writes:
Hey Friend!
I got another pic for ya. Hope you like it! This was at the Infamous Tom Woolfolk grave in Orange Hill Cemetery. He killed his entire family all nine of them in 1887 with a short axe. He was publicly hung in 1890 and was one of the last people to be publicly hung in the state of Georgia. Our emf meter was going off and I clicked this pic! Look what's behind my friend! See ya!

And in another email Susan writes about her friend's experience while the Orb was following him:
I'm sorry I forgot to tell you what he was saying while in the cemetery. I had just finished reading the book they have out on this person and that's why I went out there. The guy in the pic is my friend's son and he was holding the emf meter. It had started going off and he later started telling us someone was trying to tell him something and started spouting off stuff that was in the book that I had just read. Some of it (a lot) was right on the money. This boy has NEVER read the book, I know that for a fact, so I wonder who was trying to tell him things. Was it Tom Woolfolk????

Susan McKinzie Smith

The Ghost Tracker writes:
I am returning Susan's pic of her friend, David. There are a lot of orbs surrounding him and there is a figure standing behind him.

Like, way cool, Suz!! It makes me want to break into song - hummmmmmmm Lizzie Borden took an axe, gave her mother 40 whacks . . . . . . .!!!!

And Susan says:
It's funny you mentioned Lizzie Borden because this happened just like 3 years before she did that and this story didn't get any publicity like Lizzie did! Anywho.............that's what went on that night!

Thanks again, Susan, and have a creepy Halloween!

UPDATE - October 28, 2002 - Okay folks - brace yourselves. Susan has again taken us to the edge of the unknown! These pics will give you nightmares (especially the second one) if you think about them while you're trying to fall asleep! SO THINK ABOUT THEM! Here's what Susan had to say about these 2 new ghostly additions.

Susan writes:
I got a new pic last weekend and some more that I haven't developed yet but will send this one if you want to use it! This is behind a church with some really crazy things that go on. Truckers driving down the highway swear that they hit someone in the road and stop to get out and investigate but there is never anyone there. They say someone runs out from the church across the road and they hit them with their trucks. My friend and I went with her Uncle who is a State Patrol and he told me that he has the police reports to verify the truckers' statements. So we went out there and took some pictures in the adjacent cemetery and we got this ecto. I know it looks like cigarette smoke but let me assure you IT IS NOT! I also will attach a pic I took in an abandoned hospital. Look in the window pane and you can see a face and some kind of uniform. Feel free to send these to your buddy "The Ghost Tracker" if you like! Talk with ya later sweetie! BTW I LOVE YOUR SITE!

And we love you too!!! Have a terrifying time on Halloween! Janet


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