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There are no Ghosts here!

TRICK OR TREAT!!!! Is that Elvis reflecting back at us from that mirror in the back? Could it be? Do you think? Well, it seems we have played a trick on you! That's not Elvis! (Are you sure?) Can't you just imagine our shock when we first saw this picture! My niece took this shot at Graceland, home of our dear Elvis, and she didn't see those guys (ghosts?) at all when she shot the picture! When I was looking at her vacation pictures, I said, "Oh look, there's Elvis!" No way! Anyway I hope you don't mind a little pre-Halloween fun! Actually, this room at Graceland was the room where Elvis played the piano before he went up to his room on THAT day and, well, you know, the rest is history. You can barely see it, but the piano bench is on the left side of the picture. Don't you just love Elvis and don't you miss him terribly!!! I know we do!!! Oh yeah, stay a little while and listen to the music! It's good!

NOTE: Elvis is not in the mannequins on the right! I've had some emails! Look at the mirror on the back wall towards the left for the man that has Elvis-type hair wearing the white shirt and blue jeans!

Cemetery Hair!
I call this one Cemetery Hair. Isn't this an incredible picture? I thought I had caught something for sure in this pic but I remembered that my hair was blowing in my face when I took it and so alas, it is only my hair! What a bummer!

Guthrie Lights
Okay, and then there's this one. I call this Guthrie Lights. Although we are not experts (yet), we have decided that this is definitely a rain drop on the lens of my camera. If anyone out there knows anything different, please let us know! It does make an interesting picture though, don't you think?

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