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Cemetery Pictures
Cemetery Pictures - September 27, 2004

Oleander Cemetery, Galveston, Texas
Sunken Dreams
I call this one Sunken Dreams. It just gives you an idea of what land subsidence is in Galveston, Texas and to some extent, here in Houston. This crypt has such a forlorn look; I wonder if anyone really remembers the people who are buried here.
One way up!
I love this one. I guess there is truly only one way from here and that's UP!
An angel and her mates.
An Angel with her mates.
Angel and cloudy day.
Angel on a cloudy day.
Dramatic view of Angel and Crosses.
A dramatic view of an Angel and Crosses. My son, Jason, actually layed down on the grave to get this shot.
An Angel with intent!
We were truly drawn to this Angel so we took several different shots as you can see.
Black and white angel side view.
Here I tried my hand at black and white. It gives the picture a lot of atmosphere as well.
Cemetery Way USA
Another try at black and white. Actually, I did this one in black and white because the sky was blue! Oh no! We can't have that, so I made it gray. That's better.
Catholic Cemetery, Galveston, Texas
Catholic Cemetery
This was taken at the Catholic Cemetery.
Forest Park South Cemetery, Webster, Texas
Spirits in the Sky
. . . . Spirits in the sky, that's where I'm gonna go when I die! When I die and they lay me to rest, I'm gonna go to the place that's the best!
My Unknown Friend
I wonder what the story behind this one is? Very interesting, I'm sure.

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