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Cemetery Pictures
Cemetery Pictures - Updated October 25, 2004

Oleander Cemetery, Galveston, Texas
Oleander Cemetery Entrance, Galveston, Texas
Oleander Cemetery Entrance, Galveston, Texas
This cemetery was as eerie as some seen in Old London. The gray sky, damp grounds and overall darkness
of the area reminded me of the days of Jack the Ripper. For those who don't know him - he was one of the
first serial killers who struck fear in the London community in the 19th century. Jack killed people mostly on the streets, in
homes and perhaps even in hotels in London.
Vegas hotels
Jordan Family Crypt 1882
This crypt depicted an era as I described above, although this cemetery
is in a much different part of the world. The dark eerie essence around this crypt was far from
the bright lights of a place like Las Vegas. Although I think there are some haunted attractions
in Nevada among all the old ghost towns.
Child's Play
Child's Play
Where's the bodies??!!
Where's the bodies??!!
Beautiful Angel at dusk
Beautiful Angel at dusk
Tree of Life
I call this one the Tree of Life - literally.
What doesn't belong in this picture?
Angel Baby
Angel Baby
I guess you just can't kill Mother Nature.
Grand View
Love this one. It really has an eerie feel to it and just look at those trees. I half expect the zombie from "The Night of the Living Dead" to come lurching through at any moment!

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